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2009-04-04 comments | growl, python, programming

after long time of inactivity I decide to revive my blog. but I no longer want to go with nanoblogger for several personal reasons.

I looked around and some time I stumbled over jekyll. a really nice piece of work. but after some fuckup trying to get jekyll's dependency gems installed and mucking around with the pygments integration, I found more and more odds and ends which prevent me to use jekyll for my blog. ok, I must admit, I'm also not a really big fan of ruby. ;)

hyde, the "evil Python transformation" of jekyll, is imho a bit to over-engineered. I personally miss the simplicity of jekyll.

so what to do?

I decide to reinvent the wheel again and implement a brand new python based static site generator. I think jekyll and hyde are both very good implementations. so I shameless stole as much as I can. (on the other side I'm really really lazy guy)

thanks a lot to all those people.

at the moment you are looking on the output from the fruits of my work. growl is now in a useable and hopefull more or less bugfree state. so feel free to experiment with it, and let me know if you like it.



my favourite features are:

  • minimal dependencies

    you only need a standard python install and the python-yaml package. all other is optional.

    nevertheless I recomment jinja2. but you are free to use django templates, mako, cheetah or whatever you like.

    markdown and textile are also supported out of the box like jinja2, if the corresponding python packages are installed.

  • easy to install (and use?) ;)

    simply install the few needed python packages and then use directly, or copy the file to a directory in your $PATH. thats all.

  • easy to extend

    using hooks, you can use other template engines, add support for other markup syntax or add metadata to your site context. and all with only a few lines of python code.

code, examples

take a look at growl and as example the code of this site.


please report any bugs you may discover here.


the license is GPLv2.

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